Ode to the Everyday Adventurer

Therm-a-Rest, “Ode to the Everyday Adventurer”, Nov. 16, 2017

As adventurers, we thrive on stories that navigate the spirit of adventure and the thrill of calculated risk.

We follow the pursuits of our outdoor heroes with awe and trepidation as they blow our minds with their skill, tenacity, endurance, and grit. Our obsession with the extreme enables the outdoor community to define ourselves through the accomplishments of our most dedicated athletes. These people are the record-setters. The pros. The hardcore.

They floor us with their accomplishments, challenge the impossible, and inspire us. We follow record-breaking athletes in our favorite disciplines, sponsored brand ambassadors, and those who just live an extremely enviable lifestyle.

In many ways, these heroes and hardcore athletes define the outdoor space. Yet with this obsession with the extreme, the outdoor community unintentionally breeds a culture of elitism. In some circles, outdoor enthusiasts must prove themselves not by solely by their love and enjoyment of the outdoors, but by their brag-worthy gear, skills and experiences.

Read the full story on Therm-a-Rest.

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