In Print

My work as a freelance journalist focuses on climate action, arts & culture, and outdoor recreation. Below are a few visual samples of my published articles. Please scroll down for links to PDFs of each article.


Moonshine Ink, Dec. 2016, “Women of Winter”

Moonshine Ink, Oct. 2016, “Feed the Body, Feed the Soul”

Moonshine Ink, Aug. 2016 “One Man’s Trash is an 11 Year Old Environmentalist’s Treasure” 

Tahoe Quarterly, Summer 2016 Buy Local, Live Local, Be Local”


Sierra Heritage, October 2015 “Echo Chalet”


Mountain Workshops: To New Heights, Mountaineer magazine, Jul./Aug. 2014 PAGE 12. 

Wilderness 50Mountaineer magazine, Nov./Dec. 2014 COMING NOV. 2014 

The Mountaineers: Teach, Learn & Conserve” South Sound magazine, Apr./May 2014

Ziplining: Yes, I am Afraid of Heights” South Sound magazine, Apr./May 2014

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival” South Sound magazine, Apr./May 2014

6 to See South Sound magazine, Apr./May. 2014

6 to See” South Sound magazine, Feb./Mar. 2014

“Bellwether 2014: Bellevue’s Public Sculptures” 425 magazine, Sep./Oct. 2014

“6 to See” 425 magazine, Jul./Aug. 2014 

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival425 magazine, Mar./Apr. 2014 

6 to See” 425 magazine, Mar./Apr. 2014

6 to See” 425 magazine, Jan./Feb. 2014


Telling Pictures” South Sound magazine, Dec./Jan. 2013

One Man’s Trash” South Sound magazine, Dec./Jan. 2013 

Sticky Situation” South Sound magazine, Oct./Nov. 2013 

High Flying Dreams Come True South Sound magazine, Oct./Nov. 2013 

6 to See South Sound magazine, Jun./Jul. 2013

6 to See” South Sound magazine, Apr./May. 2013

Makeup Man South Sound magazine, Apr./May 2013

6 to See” South Sound magazine, Feb./Mar. 2013

Nutti Yogini: Quiet & Calm Creativity South Sound magazine, Feb./Mar. 2013

6 to See” 425 magazine, Nov./Dec. 2013 

6 to See” 425 magazine, Jul./Aug. 2013

6 to See” 425 magazine, May./Jun. 2013


Get Fit” South Sound magazine, Dec./Jan.  2012

Lost and Foundry” South Sound magazine, Oct./Nov.  2012

Hit the Road” South Sound magazine, Aug./Sept. 2012

6 to See” South Sound magazine, Aug./Sept. 2012

Just Peachy” South Sound magazine, Aug./Sept. 2012

No More Paper Sacks” South Sound magazine, Aug./Sept. 2012

Loop” South Sound magazine, Aug./Sept. 2012

Personalizing Your Work Place425 magazine, Sept./Oct. 2012 

No More Paper Sacks” 425 magazine, Sept./Oct. 2012 


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