How Do You ADU?

New state law taking on HOAs led by Town of Truckee. The California State Legislature passed into law proposals brought forth by the Town of Truckee disallowing homeowners associations from regulating ADUs, validating an attempt to ease organic local solutions to the housing crisis. “Call it gentle density or subtle density or beautiful density. ThereContinue reading “How Do You ADU?”


The Ripple Effect of Local B Corps

North Tahoe businesses place purpose over profit, and the impact reverberates throughout the community. “There are just so many different ways to keep bettering your business,” says Maiya Holliday, founder and CEO of Mangrove Web Development, a Truckee-headquartered but internationally staffed business. “The more businesses that think that way here, the better.” Holliday is referringContinue reading “The Ripple Effect of Local B Corps”