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The Outdoor Industry’s Estimated GDP Contribution Gets a Big Bump

Outside, The Outdoor Industry’s Estimated GDP Contribution Gets a Big Bump, April 25 2017 On Tuesday, the Outdoor Industry Association made a bold announcement: according to research done by the trade association, outdoor recreation now contributes $887 billion in direct consumer spending to the U.S. economy every year—$200 billion more than the industry’s initial estimate. TheContinue reading “The Outdoor Industry’s Estimated GDP Contribution Gets a Big Bump”

These 5 State Spend The Most on Outdoors

Outside, “These 5 State Spend The Most on Outdoors,” July 2017 In April, the Outdoor Industry Association predicted that outdoor recreation in the United States is worth $887 billion and responsible for 7.6 million American jobs. On Wednesday, the trade group released individual reports that break down those numbers by state, with some surprising revelations. Each state reportContinue reading “These 5 State Spend The Most on Outdoors”

An Untapped Resource: Veterans and the Outdoor Workforce

Outdoor Industry Association, “An Untapped Resource: Veterans and the Outdoor Workforce” Jan. 3, 2018 From where former U.S. Navy Seal Ryan Evans stood, he could see and hear other military veterans whooping and hollering as they threw rocks into a puddle at the entrance of Santa Elena canyon. It was in early December in BigContinue reading “An Untapped Resource: Veterans and the Outdoor Workforce”

SheJumps is Training the Next Generation of Female Ski Patrollers

Teton Gravity Research, “SheJumps is Training the Next Generation of Female Ski Patrollers,” Jan. 18, 2018 On Dec. 16, 32 lucky girls between the ages of 8 and 16 became ski patrollers for a day at Crystal Mountain in Washington as part of an inaugural SheJumps Junior Ski Patrol day camp. Taught by female ski patrollers andContinue reading “SheJumps is Training the Next Generation of Female Ski Patrollers”

13 Huge Wins for Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Industry Association, “13 Huge Wins for Outdoor Recreation,” Mar. 15, 2018 By serving as a leader for interest groups and growing local outdoor recreation economies, state offices of outdoor recreation are turning heads in the industry and beyond. When the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance first proposed a new trail in Little Cottonwood Canyon in 1988, theirContinue reading “13 Huge Wins for Outdoor Recreation”

Why California’s $4 Billion Prop 68 is a Must Win for Outdoorists

Outdoor Industry Association, “Why California’s $4 Billion Prop 68 is a Must Win Measure for Outdoorists Everywhere,” Mar. 15, 2018 In south central Los Angeles, there’s a five-acre park named for its brilliantly purple Jacaranda trees that bloom each spring. Once a derelict hotspot for crime, it’s now a beloved community gathering place where peopleContinue reading “Why California’s $4 Billion Prop 68 is a Must Win for Outdoorists”

California voters: here’s what people are saying about Prop 68

“Pretty much anybody at this point can look out their window and see that California is changing,” says Kerri Timmer, vice president of climate and energy at Sierra Business Council. “Certainly, the Sierra is changing. Tree mortality issues, the increase of severe fires, changes in temperature and precipitation—we need to get out ahead of it.Continue reading “California voters: here’s what people are saying about Prop 68”

Why outdoor destinations need wildfire reform

Wildfire season is bad news for outdoor recreation and the businesses that depend on healthy forests for outdoor tourism. Wildfire season is upon us, and already resort communities are feeling the heat as the severity and intensity of wildfires is on the rise. That’s bad news for outdoor recreation and the places that depend onContinue reading “Why outdoor destinations need wildfire reform”

The Intersection of Public Lands and Climate Change

The Intersection of Public Lands and Climate Change Bears Ears. Grand Staircase-Escalante. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. If you’ve been following the news over the last year or so, chances are you’ve heard about recent threats to these three protected places, or at least seen their names circulating on social media, shared by your favorite outdoorContinue reading “The Intersection of Public Lands and Climate Change”

The Girl Scouts Are Getting More Adventurous

The Girl Scouts Are Getting More Adventurous Long associated with cookie sales and friendship bracelets, the Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) recently announced a new adventure-oriented collaboration with The North Face. With 12 new adventure badges, it will be the largest national organization to offer skills like trail running, mountaineering, rock climbing, andContinue reading “The Girl Scouts Are Getting More Adventurous”

The Best Adventure Dresses

The Best Adventure Dresses   Like many gearheads, I like having backcountry apparel options. So, over the past month, I’ve added something new to my gear closet: adventure dresses. The primary goal of these dresses, which are made with different styles, body types, and materials in mind, is to keep up with us on theContinue reading “The Best Adventure Dresses”

9 Travel Accounts You Should Follow on Instagram

9 Travel Accounts You Should Follow on Instagram “Social media is often more aspirational than realistic, but for those of us planning trips or even just wishing we could, Instagram’s many travel accounts still feel like a digital, personalized postcard from places we long to go. Here are nine accounts that inspire travel and broadenContinue reading “9 Travel Accounts You Should Follow on Instagram”

Find Your Perfect Adventure Partner in These Groups

“More organizations are cropping up to help everyone find a community in the outdoors. Here are seven of our favorites…” Read the full story on Outside.

Op-Ed: Stop Buying “Native Inspired” Designs

Brands need to do more to prove they’re using this imagery in a respectful way—and hiring Indigenous people to design it. When graphic designer Vernan Kee received an invitation to the winter Outdoor Retailer market in January 2017, he jumped at the chance to attend, hoping the opportunity would help him advance his career andContinue reading “Op-Ed: Stop Buying “Native Inspired” Designs”

States: Want an Outdoor Rec Economy? Pay Up

Newly created state offices are promoting outdoor recreation as a major contributor to local economies and the public good, but they need a lot more support to be successful… Read the full story on Outside.

Branching Out–Brick and Mortar Trends

Read the full article online in The Daily Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2018 Pre-Show Issue, available here.

Affinity Spaces + Their Impact on Outdoor Culture

Read the full article here (flip to page 65).

Do You Really Need a Women’s Specific Backpack?

Hip shape and torso length matter, and a pack that fits right will save you energy on the trail I stood on the porch of a backcountry cabin high in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains with 15 other women, all of us there for a lesson in pack fitting from Becky Marcelliano, the marketing manager of Deuter,Continue reading “Do You Really Need a Women’s Specific Backpack?”

California’s Recreation Rallying Call

The country’s largest-grossing recreation state fights for an office of outdoor recreation. CALIFORNIA’S BIG ASK “California is the jewel,” says Matt Lyon, founder and president at HydraPak and board chair of the California Outdoor Recreation Partnership (CORP), a newly formed organization that advocates on behalf of the outdoor recreation industry in the Golden State. Read the full story: OIA

The Ripple Effect of Local B Corps

North Tahoe businesses place purpose over profit, and the impact reverberates throughout the community. “There are just so many different ways to keep bettering your business,” says Maiya Holliday, founder and CEO of Mangrove Web Development, a Truckee-headquartered but internationally staffed business. “The more businesses that think that way here, the better.” Holliday is referringContinue reading “The Ripple Effect of Local B Corps”

Outdoor recreation advocates hone in on California

In a state with a diverse set of stakeholders, the outdoors is common ground and momentum grows around the creation of an office of outdoor recreation. “California has the granite walls of Yosemite, we have the Sierra, Lake Tahoe, Big Sur, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, the Shasta-Cascade region, the Redwoods and our pristine coastline,” saidContinue reading “Outdoor recreation advocates hone in on California”

Outdoor Recreation Spurs Local Economic Growth, But…

A new report found that towns near plenty of outdoor recreation attract new residents and higher incomes. But this could also mean higher costs of living, affordable housing challenges, and encroachment into vulnerable landscapes. Read the full story: Outside

Our Favorite Trucker Hats

From detailed designs to brands looking to make a social impact, these are the hats you can find us in all summer I;m a hat person out of necessity. Thanks to several years of high-alpine living and more than my fair share of sunburns, I’ve tried embracing trendy wool wide-brim hats and summer sun hatsContinue reading “Our Favorite Trucker Hats”

Reframing the Future

Before Tom Stewart and Michael Charley knew what product their business would make, they knew they wanted it to do more than generate profit. It had to promote a life in balance with nature–and in turn help protect the planet. Read the full story below or the full issue of Range Magazine.

Business, Better: Why aren’t there more B Corps in the Outdoor Industry?

There’s plenty of talk about sustainability and social justice in the outdoor industry these days. But when it comes to real commitment to better business practices–legal, money-where-your-mouth-is certification as a benefit corporation or B Corp–most players still have cold feet. So what’s the hold up? Read the full story below and the full issue ofContinue reading “Business, Better: Why aren’t there more B Corps in the Outdoor Industry?”

Summer Reading Round Up

Summer–the season of long trail runs with heart-stopping mountain views, socializing with my chosen family over the glow of a barbeque, tan lines in equally inappropriate and hilarious places–and curling up with a good book in a hammock under the stars or on my favorite public pier. As much as I love an action packedContinue reading “Summer Reading Round Up”


A week after being named the best state in the U.S. for business, the mid-Atlantic state doubles down by creating an office of outdoor recreation. “One of Virginia‘s advantages, for both businesses and travelers, is our strategic location and diverse landscape,” says the state’s Deputy Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Cassidy Rasnick, who will lead Virginia’s brand newContinue reading “VIRGINIA IS GREAT FOR OUTDOOR LOVERS AND ALSO FOR OUTDOOR BUSINESSES”


“Outdoor recreation is the number-one-reported reason people come to Wisconsin,” says the state’s Tourism Secretary, Sara Meaney. “We know that it isn’t just the residents that partake in it. Wisconsin actually has the third-largest number of nonresident fishing licenses in the country. People come from all over the place to fish in our rivers andContinue reading “WISCONSIN SCORES MIDWEST’S SECOND OFFICE OF OUTDOOR RECREATION”

How Do You ADU?

New state law taking on HOAs led by Town of Truckee. The California State Legislature passed into law proposals brought forth by the Town of Truckee disallowing homeowners associations from regulating ADUs, validating an attempt to ease organic local solutions to the housing crisis. “Call it gentle density or subtle density or beautiful density. ThereContinue reading “How Do You ADU?”

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