Why California’s $4 Billion Prop 68 is a Must Win for Outdoorists

Outdoor Industry Association, “Why California’s $4 Billion Prop 68 is a Must Win Measure for Outdoorists Everywhere,” Mar. 15, 2018

In south central Los Angeles, there’s a five-acre park named for its brilliantly purple Jacaranda trees that bloom each spring. Once a derelict hotspot for crime, it’s now a beloved community gathering place where people play Frisbee with their children, and grandparents walk laps around the trail that circumnavigates the park. Located in an underserved, high-need neighborhood, this space is idyllic, family friendly, and peaceful. It was made possible by a $5 million bond in 2012, and it’s a testament to the value of state investment in local recreation infrastructure.

But the difference between Jacaranda Park and an iconic tourist destination like Lake Tahoe, with its upscale resorts and endless backcountry access, is a testament to the challenges and diverse needs that public land advocates and managers in California must balance. Thanks to a new state bond measure on California ballots June 5, a new funding stream will improve recreation infrastructure across the state, from south central L.A. to the southern Cascades.

Read the full story on the Outdoor Industry Association’s website.


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