California voters: here’s what people are saying about Prop 68

“Pretty much anybody at this point can look out their window and see that California is changing,” says Kerri Timmer, vice president of climate and energy at Sierra Business Council. “Certainly, the Sierra is changing. Tree mortality issues, the increase of severe fires, changes in temperature and precipitation—we need to get out ahead of it. This bond will help give us the resources to do that.”

Timmer is talking about California’s Prop 68. If approved by voters, the bond measure will be the largest single investment in natural resources and watersheds in the state’s history—a big deal for a state that’s already seeing the effects of climate change.

But its size isn’t the only thing that makes Prop 68 different from conservation measures of the past. If you’re getting ready to vote in California on June 5, here’s what you need to know.


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