13 Huge Wins for Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Industry Association, “13 Huge Wins for Outdoor Recreation,” Mar. 15, 2018

By serving as a leader for interest groups and growing local outdoor recreation economies, state offices of outdoor recreation are turning heads in the industry and beyond.

When the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance first proposed a new trail in Little Cottonwood Canyon in 1988, their painstakingly typed paper proposal gained little momentum. The climbers who wanted to improve an approach to a popular route would wait nearly three decades before their vision became a reality.

In 2015, “they finally broke ground on the project. It was made possible only through unheard of collaboration by the Salt Lake Climber’s Alliance in partnership with the USFS, REI, the LDS Church, private landowners, and a handful of other local entities,” says Tom Adams, the director of Utah’s Office of Outdoor Recreation. “It’s not just for climbers now, it’s for everybody.”

Read the full story on the Outdoor Industry Association site.


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