Our Favorite Trucker Hats

From detailed designs to brands looking to make a social impact, these are the hats you can find us in all summer I;m a hat person out of necessity. Thanks to several years of high-alpine living and more than my fair share of sunburns, I’ve tried embracing trendy wool wide-brim hats and summer sun hatsContinue reading “Our Favorite Trucker Hats”


Op-Ed: Stop Buying “Native Inspired” Designs

Brands need to do more to prove they’re using this imagery in a respectful way—and hiring Indigenous people to design it. When graphic designer Vernan Kee received an invitation to the winter Outdoor Retailer market in January 2017, he jumped at the chance to attend, hoping the opportunity would help him advance his career andContinue reading “Op-Ed: Stop Buying “Native Inspired” Designs”

9 Travel Accounts You Should Follow on Instagram

9 Travel Accounts You Should Follow on Instagram “Social media is often more aspirational than realistic, but for those of us planning trips or even just wishing we could, Instagram’s many travel accounts still feel like a digital, personalized postcard from places we long to go. Here are nine accounts that inspire travel and broadenContinue reading “9 Travel Accounts You Should Follow on Instagram”

The Girl Scouts Are Getting More Adventurous

The Girl Scouts Are Getting More Adventurous Long associated with cookie sales and friendship bracelets, the Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) recently announced a new adventure-oriented collaboration with The North Face. With 12 new adventure badges, it will be the largest national organization to offer skills like trail running, mountaineering, rock climbing, andContinue reading “The Girl Scouts Are Getting More Adventurous”

These 5 State Spend The Most on Outdoors

Outside, “These 5 State Spend The Most on Outdoors,” July 2017 In April, the Outdoor Industry Association predicted that outdoor recreation in the United States is worth $887 billion and responsible for 7.6 million American jobs. On Wednesday, the trade group released individual reports that break down those numbers by state, with some surprising revelations. Each state reportContinue reading “These 5 State Spend The Most on Outdoors”

The Outdoor Industry’s Estimated GDP Contribution Gets a Big Bump

Outside, The Outdoor Industry’s Estimated GDP Contribution Gets a Big Bump, April 25 2017 On Tuesday, the Outdoor Industry Association made a bold announcement: according to research done by the trade association, outdoor recreation now contributes $887 billion in direct consumer spending to the U.S. economy every year—$200 billion more than the industry’s initial estimate. TheContinue reading “The Outdoor Industry’s Estimated GDP Contribution Gets a Big Bump”