The Best Adventure Dresses

The Best Adventure Dresses


Like many gearheads, I like having backcountry apparel options. So, over the past month, I’ve added something new to my gear closet: adventure dresses. The primary goal of these dresses, which are made with different styles, body types, and materials in mind, is to keep up with us on the trail and in town. When made right, they’re durable, comfortable, and, above all else, versatile.

I looked for dresses that wick sweat, are easy to move in, don’t ride up when I take large steps, and feel decent with a backpack on my shoulders. I was pleased to find several that did all those things. I felt both tough and feminine in my favorite styles of the dresses I tested.

I don’t know if I’m ready to abandon my hiking pants for good, but I did find a lot to love about romping around in a dress. From a muddy Sierra trail to the office where I contract as a copywriter to happy hour with my girlfriends, these options fit right in.

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